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Ritmo [Rhythm]

‘Jose of the Drums,’ as he is called by most, makes a modest living building drums and teaching Brazilian street samba.  He says the act of making a drum has a rhythm in and of itself.

Ritmo is a self-contained short from the film Sou da Bahia [I’m from Bahia]. Taking on a poetic mode, this vignette plays with the idea of rhythm – especially the daily rhythm of work – and it seeks to undermine a common Brazilian stereotype of the “lazy Bahian”.


  • 2010
    BYUtv, First Look (series showcasing student films) (Broadcast Version) — full episode
  • Sept 18-19, 2009
    “Sou da Bahia” Multi-Media Art Exhibit, BYU Harris Fine Arts Center (Video Installation Version) — details


BYU Magazine, “Sou da Bahia” — Fall 2009 — article